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Emunah and Mental Health

FreePsychArticles #8   Emunah and Mental Health What is emunah?   It comes from the Hebrew word:  “Emunot” defined generally as:          1. A belief; a basic assumption that lies at the root of a religious doctrine, as in … Continue reading

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The Stigma of Mental Illness

FreePsychArticles #6  The Stigma of Mental Illness? Let’s start by defining ‘stigma’ and start thinking about how it works in modern society. stig·ma “a mark of disgrace or infamy; a stain or reproach, as on one’s reputation.”   The idealism … Continue reading

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Advice for Families and Friends

FreePsychArticles #3:  How Do Those Who Care Deal With The Identified Mental Patient? I believe this question is one of the most broad reaching questions in the field of mental health.   Even a meager attempt to answer it would … Continue reading

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Why see a psychiatrist?

FreePsychArticles #2:  When’s the right time to see a psychiatrist? There are probably thousands, or tens of thousands of people suffering from problems involved in their thoughts, feelings, behaviors or relationships that secretly wonder if they should seek professional help. … Continue reading

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On Bipolar Spectrum

FreePsychArticles #1:    “DOCTOR, I’VE BEEN TOLD I’M BIPOLAR.  WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?” Recently a 20-year-old male asked me this question.   After a 30-minute interview I told him he does have many of the diagnostic signs & symptoms of … Continue reading

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Dr Gershon Freedman is a Board-Certified psychiatrist with thirty years experience in clinical work.    As an observant Jew he has gone through both conventional psychiatric training at Maimonides Medical Center in Boro Park and applies Torah concepts to an … Continue reading

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