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Source: Pathways

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What an twelve year old Palestinian girl might be thinking?

There’s a monster over there.   There is.   Everybody knows about it and they told us also.   But it wasn’t like they said.   Oh, it is a powerful beast that attacks with sudden deadly force.   It … Continue reading

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Confusion About Syria

The latest news is spreading shockwaves through Israel.   People have lined up in record numbers to acquire gas masks.    The government is forecasting shortages while the army is happy the public is finally taking it seriously.   My … Continue reading

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The Art Metaphor of School Shootings

 The Art Metaphor of School Shootings I spend my days evaluating and treating people with mental health problems.   As disturbing as the horrible slaughter of innocents is I like the metaphor of (murder) art because it takes the issue … Continue reading

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A Need for Vigilance

FreePsychArticles#22      OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE SKY? Recent events over the last month have shocked the world…again.   Innocents were brutally murdered in Borough Park, Norway and Beersheva by different men for different reasons.   We are horrified … Continue reading

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FreePsychArticles#17            Inclinations Everyone has inclinations.   In Chassidut two broad categories are discussed:  The good inclination (yetzer tov) and the evil inclination (yetzer hara).   Within the yetzer hara is an array of ‘sub-sections’ called “tie-vahs” or personal desires.    They are too numerous to mention but … Continue reading

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