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The Psychiatric Crisis

FreePsychArticles #4:   Pinchas: The Ultimate in Crisis Intervention In the story of Pinchas, in the Biblical book of Numbers (Bamidbar), that traverses two parshiot, we see a snapshot of crisis intervention and resolution.   To review, we are witness … Continue reading

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Dealing WIth Trauma

FreePsychArticles#24    NEW PERSPECTIVES OF TRAUMA I use the word “New” because these observations are new to me, and may have been discussed by others already. My handle on PTSD and other trauma-related disorders has recently come in contact with a broader view. Treatment … Continue reading

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Advise for Bipolar Child

FreePsychArticles#23        UNSOLICITED LETTER TO THE PARENT OF A BIPOLAR CHILD To Whom It May Concern: You didn’t ask or inquire or request my advise.    I’m almost sure you don’t really want to know what I’m going to … Continue reading

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A Need for Vigilance

FreePsychArticles#22      OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE SKY? Recent events over the last month have shocked the world…again.   Innocents were brutally murdered in Borough Park, Norway and Beersheva by different men for different reasons.   We are horrified … Continue reading

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Life’s Obstacles

FreePsychArticles#21    OBSTACLES In Parshas Shlach in the book of Bamidbar (Numbers) is the story of the “spies.”   The princes of the tribes are given permission by G-d to scout and appraise Palestine as B’nai Yisroel prepares to enter the … Continue reading

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Suffering and Teshu’vah

FreePsychArticles#20          SUFFERING AND TESHU’VAH The process of repentance or teshu’vah contains the element of suffering  as one of the necessary stages in achieving “change of mind or heart.”   I use the word suffering as a … Continue reading

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Diagnosis of Mental Illness

  FreePsychArticles#19   What is Mental Illness? This is a question that has broad implications.   In fact, this is one of the questions of the ages.   Modern diagnosis is in conflict and controversy.   Yet there is much … Continue reading

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FreePsychArticles#17            Inclinations Everyone has inclinations.   In Chassidut two broad categories are discussed:  The good inclination (yetzer tov) and the evil inclination (yetzer hara).   Within the yetzer hara is an array of ‘sub-sections’ called “tie-vahs” or personal desires.    They are too numerous to mention but … Continue reading

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Freedom Through Action

FreePsychArticles#16   THE FOUR WORLDS:  Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsberg spoke once on Parshas Beshalach, when B’nai Yisroel arrives at the Yom Sof (Reed Sea) and sees the Egyptian chariots in pursuit while the escape route is blocked by a great sea.   … Continue reading

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Azamra: Seeing the Good

FreePsychArticles#15             AZAMRA: Seeing The Good Rebbe Nachman of Breslav taught: “Know! One must judge every person favorably.  Even if someone is a complete sinner, one must seek to discover within him some good point which … Continue reading

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